Funniest thing happened today.  After I was done with classes I went out and played sand volleyball with friends to kick off the first week.  Well I came straight from class and was still dressed like it so I took off my bracelet as to not break it while playing.  I put it on my shoes instead of in my book bag (what a smartie) and left it by mistake when we were done.  Later after dinner with some other friends I exlaimed; “My favorite bracelet!  I’ve lost it!”  I was genuinely distressed (my parents gave me that bracelet the day my teenage years died).  There was a moment of silence and then my friends cracked up.  “Did you hear the way you said that?!  My bracelet- I have lost it! hahahahahaha! Not ‘I’ve lost my bracelet’!  You are such an English major!”  I hadn’t even caught it.  Well many hours and activities later I’m back in my room with my roommate who was the first who pointed it out.  Recalling it, I laughed and said, “What a nerd I am!”  Thought nothing of it until she just about died on her bed, “You did it again!  How ’bout: I’m such a nerd?”  Hadn’t even done it on purpose….  I’m starting to sound like Yoda or something…

No, what’s even more interesting about it is that one of my profs had mentioned a quote I love from Bacon in class today; “Conversation makes a ready man; Writing makes an exact man.”  He said how much he likes talking to people in the airport and, from just their conversation, discovering whether they read a lot, practice writing habitually, and studied Latin or Greek, based on how they talk.  Everything he mentioned was so true about each category and I love when I can notice the same in others on occasion.  Well, sounds like a lot of my habits and education has rubbed off in my speech.  It’s evident even to people who aren’t experts in it and look for it.  It’s funny when one day you wake up and all that effort has built upon itself and manifested itself in you without your noticing.


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