Picturesque College(= no homework)

Had my Fantasy Lit class outside discussing Lewis’ The Last Battle and therefore, obviously, the glorious Second Coming I am so looking forward to.  I love my Savior and the story that is His!  It is so good.  And a day laying in the shaded grass engaging my imagination that reflects the Creator by discussing  fairy stories by a man that engaged his to write them doesn’t hurt either ; )

And I am so blessed with a supportive YL family.  Unfathomably so.  So grateful for their encouragement and God’s unity.

Oh, and I have a precious suite mate who cares so much to ask me how my music theory class is going after she knew I was struggling last week (I learned by ear).

So despite the fact that I am could quite literally swim in the amount of work I have, the Lord is good in revealing His character and blessings, showing me the important things.  (But I do need prayer for focus for school..)


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