Forget the Rabbit Hole, I’ve been dropped into a Soap Opera

I am still waiting for something good to come from growing up.  All that has happened is life has lost it’s enchanting moments and potential for mystery.  Grown ups are straight forward and serious.  And people grow up and grow a part.  All those things you thought would never happen to you in your safe world (because you thought it was different from the rest of this screwed up world) happen.  You thought you would prove them all wrong, that you were above it, but it all happens outside of your control and despite all you did.  God’s protected me and taken the blunt of the blows, all stagered, but I feel like my disillusioned world has been shattered beyond repair.  Now that I’ve seen outside the matrix, my idealisit self has been dropped on her head.  Oh, and those things you see on TV, yeah, despite what they tell you, they do happen in real life.  The daytime drama that makes your jaw drop and you think ‘there’s no way!’  Oh, well, yeah there is.  Welcome to the world post-Fall.


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