My calling in the Aesthetics and my Value in Christ

“Worth, value, and beauty is not determined by some innate quality. But by the length to which the owner would go to possess them. And broken and ugly things just like us are stamped “Excellent.” With ink tapped in wells of divine veins. A system of redemption that could only be described as perfect. A seal of approval, fatal debt removal.
Promised, prominent, perfect priest. Brilliant designed sy

stem, redemption for our kinsmen. Can only be described as perfect with excellent execution. And I’m in awe, the only One truly excellent.The only source of excellence. We are declared excellent only by His decree with His system. The only accurate response is awe. So we make lofty art. See, the presence of good art will unconsciously refine a community. And poor art will do an incalculable harm. Only accomplished in the light of His excellency. It’s too high, it’s lofty.”

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